Brazil photos

As promised, here are additional photos that I took while in Brazil on my actual camera – gasp! I know… it’s hard to believe in the iPhone age. 

I call this one, um, “working” the camera:


Pre-dawn start of the long stage:

Scary log to crawl under:

This is exactly why the log was scary to crawl under:

Ash checking his own pulse with our first patient in the back of the ambulance:

A few photos of the water starts:

Everything is bigger in the jungle, even the grasshoppers:

Jungle checkpoint:

The day after the race, the medical team was fortunate enough to get taken out on one of the riverboats. We spent the day swinging in hammocks, drinking beer, eating BBQ, and jumping off the boat. All on our private beach out in the middle of the Amazon. It was seriously one of the best days ever. 

So that concludes my Brazil coverage. Finally. I miss my jungle team!!!! I can’t wait to go back next year. 

And for those of you interested in the day to day life of an ER/Wilderness doc, check out my instagram:



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