New Zealand

I had the good fortune to visit New Zealand for a second time this spring.  What a beautiful place with excellent food & wine and wonderful people!  It literally takes days to get there, but is totally worth the trip.  

First glances of the North Island from the plane:

On the drive to Mesopotamia station on the South Island:

Gotta have at least one NZ selfie……

Enjoying the scenery on the one sunny day that I had while there:

I made a new hunting buddy:

Okay, maybe more than one NZ selfie…. This is a much better reflection of what the weather was like:

I was lucky enough to get my first helicopter “lesson”!  Way harder to control than I was expecting!  There is a lot going on when trying to fly just straight and level!

This amazing 76-year-old gentleman took me up in his airplane one afternoon to do some aerobatics together.  After the first Immelmann, we were both hooting and hollering and high fiving.  Not a memory I will soon forget.

And that my friends is a week of NZ in photos!

4 thoughts on “New Zealand

  1. Hi Amy, Good to see you hunting & traveling. I hope you remember me from our Sweden hunting trip. Hope Nick is doing well. Say my hello to Nick. I do read your blog whenever I get a chance. I went to Argentina last year. It was a fun hunting trip. Please keep posting pictures & interesting stories. Thanks. Subhash


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