Hello from Las Vegas!!!

Well,  after 16 weeks of training, the day is almost finally here.  The Rock N’ Roll Marathon is on Sunday at 4:30pm.  We will be in the slow people corral but are super excited about running Nick’s first marathon.  And are hoping that the dozens of Gu’s, long weekend runs, boring treadmill miles, and hours of practicing yoga with the world’s tightest hamstrings are all going to pay off.  Nick and I got into Las Vegas yesterday evening and proceeded to do just about everything that you aren’t supposed to do right before a big race….


We are about to go on our last little run and then pick up our goodie bags and bibs from the Expo.   Stay tuned for my report from the race.  And please feel free to leave comments with any last minute advice or words of wisdom!

(You know me, I’m always a sucker for beautiful flying pics) 


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