British Columbia – Off the grid

So as promised, I wanted to share a recent trip that Nick and I took.  We went to the wilds of British Columbia, and it was absolutely incredible.  I have never been in such a remote area in my life.  It was so far out there that it took us an 8 hour horseback ride, and 2 float plane rides to get out of there.  We spent about 2 weeks in this gorgeous area.  We climbed peak after peak, and each time that we came to a summit, there was no signs of man as far as you could see.  Or in other words, this was paradise for a girl like me.  We landed on bodies of water that looked too small to call a pond, let alone land a SuperCub on.  We rode in a pack trail of horses during the day and cooked dinner over the fire at night.  One night when I got out of my tent, I was startled to look up and see the earth trying to stream up into the heavens.  An eerie blue light encased me, and in wonder I realized that I was seeing the Northern Lights for the first time in my life.  I will carry the memories from this adventure with me forever.  Instead of trying to capture this trip in words, I figured that I would let some photos speak for me.  They are surely more eloquent than any words that I could string together.



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