Ready, get set…..

I have made it to Sri Lanka – home of wild elephants and delicious Ceylon tea.  It was a long journey here, but everything went surprisingly smooth.  Qatar Airways was insanely nice to fly.  None of my flights were delayed or cancelled.  And….  Both of my duffel bags showed up on the baggage carousel in Sri Lanka!  This is a somewhat unusual occurence for me.  The airport in Colombo is a little disconcerting when you’ve been traveling for 26 hours.  There is a huge duty free shopping center before you go through immigration or customs.  You can even buy a washer and dryer there.  

Our hotel is right on the beach:

The medical team (Nia, myself, and Laura) enjoying our first Sri Lankan tuk-tuk ride:

We have just about gotten everyone checked in for the race.  It seems like another great group of people.  We leave tomorrow for the starting point of the race.  Wish us all luck!

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