I did it!

So way back in March, I had posted about submitting my first paper to a peer reviewed journal.  Well ladies and gentleman, 4 months and several edits later…. my paper has been accepted!!!  After an initial rejection from the Journal of Ethnopharmacology (boo), the manuscript was eventually accepted by the Wilderness and Environmental Journal.  I’m super pumped!


As an aside, here a few photos from a recent trip down to Hershey, PA.  It was a perfect mini summer getaway.

There was a huge difference in visibility on the flight down versus the flight home.  The flight down involved being “in the soup” where you can barely see the wing tip.  But we were rewarded with gorgeous sunset views on the way home.

IMG_0077 IMG_4795

We rode every single roller coaster at Hershey park.  Some day I’ll make jolly rancher….


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