Up in the Air

Nothing too wilderness medicine-y to report here today.  Just wanted to tell my readers how ecstatic I am because it seems like Spring has finally hit Upstate New York!  I went for a run at Green Lakes State Park on Saturday, and then a nice long hike at Clark Reservation on Sunday.  I was very much like the cliche that we always joke about in Wisconsin…. after a long, cold winter it isn’t uncommon to see people out washing their cars in short sleeves as soon as the temperature hits like 30 degrees.  Well I was out there in my little running capri’s and a long-sleeve top in 42 degrees.  I’m trying to run and hike as much as possible in anticipation of my next upcoming race: GlobalLimits Bhutan – The Last Secret

This will be another multi-day ultra race.  The catch is that this race will cross three 11,000+ foot passes.  And yours truly will be slogging along after the last runner with my medical equipment.  There is nothing cool about the team doctor needed to be resuscitated….  So as much physical activity as possible is on the docket until I get on that airplane.

Here’s the weather less than a week ago:

IMG_4191 (Yes those are blossoms on the tree, but those are also snow flurries in the air)

And now the gorgeous weekend:

IMG_4194 IMG_4195

On another exciting note, Nick and I were able to recently fly my airplane back to Syracuse.  It was a gorgeous 3.5 hour flight from my home base in Hartford, WI.  There was still ice on Lake Ontario.  I assure you that the inflight food and beverage service was much better than what you would get on the airlines (thanks for packing our lunch Mom!)



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